• Charitable Support

    The mission of Curtins Care is to enrich the lives of families, individuals and communities through opportunities designed to help people reach their fullest potential. Curtins have the opportunity and ability to support and promote community engagement and charitable giving by sponsoring a wide range fundraising events in the local community.

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    It’s our aim, through hard work and thoughtful leadership, to focus on the plight of those less fortunate and to build bridges between cultures and communities, creating a better environment for all.

    Examples of internal fundraising

    Each year our staff nominate a charity. In 2016 we are supporting Shelter who help millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support and legal services. Previous years saw a variety of fundraising activities across Curtins’ offices, including the Great Cup-Cake Bake Off, Wear Pink Days, Movember, Plant a Tree for Charity and a ’50-50′ challenge whereby volunteering staff were given £50 and 50 days to use it to make as much profit as they could.

    External fundraising

    We have the opportunity and ability to support and promote community engagement by sponsoring sporting and other fundraising events in the local community.

    We joined a major contractor’s community involvement activities, including a recent Community Day, where Curtins staff were involved in the clean-up and repair of the children’s playground at Pimlico School.

    We have sponsored staff who have volunteered for projects overseas including an employee who travelled to Narok in Western Kenya to help build a local refuge for women and another who assisted a team in generating an infrastructure system in Kimilili, Kenya. This year, our chief executive Rob Melling and Business Development Director Oliver Delucia-Crook are cycling across Costa Rica in aid of Zoe’s Place baby hospice in Liverpool.