Pronoun Sharing

Through our Success for All commitment, Curtins are determined to create a more equal and inclusive environment for our team, those we work with and in our wider communities. For many people, electronic email signatures can tell others important aspects of their identities, such as their names and pronouns.

At Curtins we believe that pronoun visibility is important. Mispronouncing names or misgendering individuals based on assumptions can be harmful. It can make people feel like outsiders and can be defined as microaggressions where a subtle action, verbal or non-verbal, conscious or unconscious, can have a harmful effect.

At Curtins, we are encouraging our staff to include their pronouns in their email signatures to help us build a welcoming and inclusive workplace where everyone feels that they belong. One in which we don’t make assumptions about a person’s gender based on their appearance or their name.

We realise that for some people who are not used to sharing or seeing pronouns, this might feel a little alien. But by doing so, you are being a positive ally; normalising pronoun sharing and helping to create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

You could also consider sharing your pronouns by:

  • Adding them to your LinkedIn profile
  • Mentioning your pronouns when you are meeting someone new
  • Asking people about their pronouns, but until then referring to them by their name to avoid making assumptions
  • Adding your pronouns next to your name on a name tag at an event
  • Include your pronouns on your business card
  • Apologising if you’ve made a mistake