• How We Work

    We are committed to work in an efficient and environmentally sensitive manner to maximise the benefits our services have in protecting and enhancing the natural and the built environment.

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    We are committed to the continual development and improvement of our BS EN ISO 14001:2015 certified policy and systems. We do this internally, as a company, by setting action plans and targets that all our staff can be involved in. These include reducing our energy, fuel and waste levels, lowering our travel mileage, whilst increasing our recycling volume.

    Equally, when it comes to providing engineering services for our clients we’re as keen to promote low carbon solutions. One way we do this is by carrying out refurbishments where possible, instead of simply flattening a building. We’re experts in assessing existing buildings and seeing solutions that breathe new life and value into them, such as Liverpool’s grade I listed Albert Dock.

    We’re as environmentally aware when it comes to providing engineering services to our clients. We’ll recommend solutions that consider the natural potential from the structure – ventilation and daylight; and will encourage that energy and resources are conserved through options such as green roofs and walls, external insulation and sustainable drainage.

    We have established a sustainability focus group to monitor and further enhance our environmental policies and innovations, both internally and externally.