Investment in Affordable Housing conference round-up

I am at the lunch break at the Investment in Affordable Housing Conference which is being held in London today.

It has been a very interesting and positive day only slightly dampened by obvious political uncertainty. A couple of quotes from the day which gave me great confidence were that, “housing will remain the number one domestic priority irrespective of the outcome of the next few weeks” and “there is an obvious threat in terms of the potential to reduce GDP growth in the short term, but it will be neutral in the medium to long term.”

We have a long history in the housing sector, delivering a wide range of types of building for public and private sector clients across all tenures, but our focus has increased in recent months following our successful appointment to the Homes England multi-disciplinary consultant panel design framework.

Whilst various speakers were keen to stress that the 300,000 new homes per year figure, which is regularly in the press as an “aspirational figure” rather than an “official target”, it is clear that we need to deliver many more homes over the coming years to meet demand. There are also challenges in terms of identifying suitable sites and delivering long term sustainable places to live.

The day has covered so many topics including funding, modern methods of construction, joint ventures, partnership working, planning policy, place making, design quality, and government policies so I will not try to summarise the whole event here.

However, I will say that I am enthused by the outlook for the sector and our continuing position within it, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss our approach with anyone who has an interest in housing and residential projects.