Liverpool Open for Business at MIPIM

Our Chief Executive Rob Melling and myself attended the last Liverpool MIPIM preparation event before we all fly to Cannes on 14th March. In 2016 Liverpool is taking its largest ever group of sponsors, with 36 companies signed up – the second largest contingent of any region behind Manchester. Personally, this is my third trip to Cannes, and I am excited about the prospect of developing relationships with both current and new contacts.

There were presentations from all of the key leaders at the preparation event, including Max Steinberg, Mayor Joe Anderson, and Ged Fitzgerald. Each gave different perspectives on the week and set out some of the overall objectives and aspirations for the conference.

One of the key messages was that the partnership and collaboration between Liverpool and Manchester is particularly strong. There are a number of joint events planned, along with the major Northern Powerhouse event on the Tuesday which includes other key Northern cities. After attending the Northern Powerhouse Conference last week, I am looking forward to hearing more from the leaders of said cities. I am interested to hear how the concept can become a reality over the coming years, particularly in my role with specific responsibility for the whole of the North of England.

Colin Sinclair from Bruntwood gave a glimpse of the Liverpool Stand for the week, and without wanting to steal thunder from others, the concept and execution seem to achieve the usual Liverpool marks for creativity, and for being that little bit different.

Finally, it was very encouraging to hear Ged Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council, talk about the development opportunities in the City – some of which we are heavily involved with. It became clear that Liverpool as a city has a very clear strategy for the development opportunities available, and it is very much open for business.

Exciting times, and here’s hoping that my post-MIPIM blog has a similarly positive message…………