My week in Curtins

This week we have had Eyena join us in our Liverpool Headquarters. Eyena is a year 11 student at Holly Lodge Girls’ College, who has spent the week learning about Civil and Structural Engineering across all seven of our specialisms on a work experience placement through The Girls’ Network. Here’s how the week went, in Eyena’s own words:
On day one, I talked to a lot of different people about their careers in engineering and what types of software they use for there jobs. I had also used many of these different software to design my own road, floors, and even buildings! I talked to a technician, about her career and what types of software’s she uses in her day to day job and what she does. She designs structures of houses and decided what types of materials they needed for the roofs and floorboards.
On day 2, I talked to a safeguarding officer, a lady that set up bids and tenders and a structural engineer about their careers and what they needed to get their job and what they did on a day to day basis in the office. It was interesting to hear about their careers and what degrees they had needed to get their job. It has given me a really good idea of what a-levels I need to get a job and it has given me a feel about what they do. The structural engineer told me about the new projects they had taken on by the docks and about what they were reconstructing it into. I had also talked to a lady about what she did to reduce flood risks and what she had to do to prevent buildings from falling or getting damaged near the docks.
On day 3, I talked to an engineer about their career, and I did my own 3D scan of the office which was quite interesting. I had also talked to another structural engineer who built structures of houses and apartments in different places of Liverpool and Southport. He had shown me the recent projects he had did in the past. This was different, and I had really enjoyed it. I had also made my own road on an app called Tekla and used different types of circles to make an angle for that specific road. He had also told me how he got an apprenticeship and what he needed to get a job in Curtins.
On day 4, I talked to a transport coordinator and he saw where roads were needed due to it either being a busy area or it wasn’t safe for people to use whilst crossing. This had been different from the other engineers that I had talked to.
Overall, I have had a great time in Curtins because it has made me aware of all the types of different engineering there is and what I need to do in order to get a job in any engineering facility. I have learnt a lot from all the people I have talked to during the week and it has helped me decide what I want to do in the future. Coming to Curtins has given me a feel of what all the engineers do on a day to day basis.