My work experience week by Tom Hudson

In July, Tom Hudson spent a week with a our team in Leeds on work experience. Here’s his summary of what he most enjoyed and got out of the week:

What I’ve most enjoyed:

“This week I’ve enjoyed lots of activities we’ve carried out. I found the site visits with Matt Freeman exploring civil engineering very interesting and informative. I’ve also enjoyed the use of the Revit computer software to draw up buildings, it was fun to re-learn and develop some of the skills I have developed in previous work experience. I also found the talk on Monday with Greg Findlay about structural engineering very helpful and enjoyable to deepen my existing understanding.”

What I’ve learned:

“I’ve learned a lot of new information about the engineering field and gained a broader understanding upon my existing knowledge. I explored the vast majority of what we’ve learned in my work booklet we were given at the beginning of the week. I have also developed and understanding of new branches of engineering such as the environmental team, scouting sites before they can be used for a new project. Whilst I found it interesting to consider the different branches of the engineering in built environments, I am definitely more drawn to structural engineering.”

My future career:

“The week has been very beneficial in helping me to make a decision about my future career. I came to Curtins at the beginning of the week intent on either studying to become a structural or civil engineer, now I have decided to study to become a structural engineer or architect, torn equally between the two. I found it interesting to expand my understanding of what civil and structural engineers do and more importantly how it is done. If I decide to become a structural engineer, I intend to do a degree apprenticeship after sixth form, I believe this is a field where it would be advantageous to learn the required skills on the job, gaining real life experience on working projects.”