Work Experience Blog: Lewis Phillips

I chose Curtins for work experience as it was best suited to the designing side of engineering I enjoy doing and looking at. They mostly use designing softwares to assist them on projects. Also, the location of this company was ideal and easy for me to get back and forth. I saw on my first day how big the company is and how Curtins is still getting bigger and expanding.

I have been interested in engineering ever since I was little, as I loved Lego and building houses and different structures. This love for designing structures stuck with me and has always interested me. When I was shown the software used and how it’s used I was even more interested in becoming an engineer. The software seemed so complex and you could be so accurate but I was willing to learn how to use this software to a higher standard than I knew previously.

This week I was shown the more advanced ways of using 3D softwares, which was very interesting, plus how to be in an interview. I was taken for a mock interview and asked questions, and I think with a bit more practice I should be set for a real one. This week has been really enjoyable and opened my eyes to more types of structural engineering than I realised there was. All the staff around me have been very nice and polite and didn’t mind answering my questions. It has benefitted me a lot as now I can see how I would be working and the types of jobs I would be doing day in day out. Thanks to Curtins for giving me this experience and opportunities to advance my skills.