• Equal Employment

    Curtins' board of directors approve the equal opportunities and diversity policies, actively support them and encourage all staff to adhere to them by taking personal responsibility for their implementation in the areas over which they have influence.

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    The equal employment policy is reviewed annually by the board to ensure it remains current and links appropriately with other policies. The principles of this policy will also be considered when developing new organisational policies.

    In valuing diversity, Curtins commits itself to go beyond the legal minimum regarding equality. However, in applying this policy the company still needs to take account of current and future equality legislation (and associated codes of practice) and subscribes to the statutory codes of practice published by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights.

    Recruitment & Selection

    The company will monitor the selection criteria procedures, recruitment and other employment decisions to ensure that individuals involved in the recruitment and selection of staff will ensure the company recruitment and selection policy is adhered to and that:

    • A carefully worded and objective job description/person specification is produced for all vacancies, outlining the essential skills, knowledge and experience required.
    • Job advertisements are circulated to encourage applications from all sections of the community.
    • Advertisements will not contain any age limits.
    • Company literature will also explain our aims to be an equal opportunities employer; to recruit a diverse workforce which reflects the make up of the local community; and to generally promote diversity principles.
    • Short listing and selection will be based on objective criteria relevant to the job and decisions made by suitably trained staff, purely on the basis of merit.  The reasons for all decisions will be recorded.