• Central Science Laboratories, Keele University

    Client: Keele University
    Value: £15 million
    Architect: Halliday Meecham Associates
    Start Date: June 2017
    Completion Date: August 2019
    Our Services: Civil & Structural Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering; Environmental Engineering

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    The Central Science Laboratories comprise a four-floor state-of-the-art-building for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

    The multi-storey steel frame solution was developed to incorporate column free teaching areas, with 15m clear span floors to include the teaching and laboratory spaces. Located immediately against the existing Lennard Jones Building, considerable attention to detail was required to enable the proposed floors to link with the existing 1950’s laboratory building via the large atrium, providing both the vertical and lateral connectivity.

    The long span floors were assessed to determine their vibration response characteristics. A large plant deck at the roof levels required long span steel transfer trusses to support the plant loadings whilst providing lateral distribution for large ventilation ducts.

    An enabling works contract was necessary to enable a large number of existing primary power, data and heating services to be relocated to create the development plot.

    Constructed across a site with a variance in level of approximately 3m, it was necessary to carefully investigate the existing buildings to determine associated foundation constraints to allow us to develop the most appropriate foundation and retaining wall strategy.


    • Best Public Service or Educational Building at the LABC Building Excellence Awards 2020 – West Midlands Region