• First Way, Wembly

    Value: £240m
    Client: Precis

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    The proposal is to demolish the existing 3 storey storage building and create a mixed-use scheme with circa 500 residential units, 7400m2 of storage space and a smaller amount of office and retail space. The overall massing comprises of a single storey basement covering the entire site, with 5 distinct towers of varying height from 10 storeys to 24 storeys, where the majority of residential units are located.

    Amenity space is provided on the 3rd floor by a landscape podium, a swimming pool is located in the basement for use by residents. Structural slab levels at first, second and third floor level vary between storage and residential areas due to varying headroom / finishes requirements.

    The depth of floor slabs to the residential towers is a key dimension for the project, these were limited to 225mm thick. Minimizing the depth of slabs to the residential towers meant that the overall building height was reduced which assisted in reducing the cost of the cladding. 375mm thick RC slabs were adopted in the storage areas to cater for the additional load from the landscape features.

    To provide maximum flexibility transfer structures have been provided on the 2nd and ground floor to maximize the number of car parking spaces on the basement and ground floors. The site had an existing Thames Water sewer traversing the site, to avoid costly diversion works we worked closely with the Architect to configure the layout of the basement to avoid having to divert the existing sewer.