• Lyme Ward, Royal Stoke University Hospital

    Client: University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS
    Trust (UNHM) / Kier
    Value: £160 million (total)

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    The refurbishment of an existing office building to
    provide additional ward accommodation, as part of a programme of works
    to redevelop the existing hospital estates at Stoke
    and Staffordshire Hospitals.

    During the feasibility stage, it became clear that
    significant internal remodelling works were likely to be
    required and we were able to identify the structural
    interventions required to facilitate the proposed

    The redevelopment and extension of the Lyme Wards
    is one of the first projects to be delivered featuring
    the new Repeatable Rooms and Standardised
    components initiative through the P21+ framework.

    It has provided efficiencies in both cost and operation
    and is designed to improve patient flow through its
    optimised footprint, and has netted over £250,000
    in savings and significant efficiency & operational