• Teal Close, Nottinghamshire

    Client: Northern Trust
    Services: Civil, Structural, Transport Planning, Infrastructure, Geoenvironmental

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    We provided advice in relation to this major mixed-use development in Stoke Bardolph consisting of 830 dwellings, a primary school, a local centre, community hub, hotel, care home, playing pitches with changing facilities and 18,000m² for employment uses in Gedling, Nottinghamshire.

    The site was located within Flood Zone 1, 2 and 3 with Flood Zone 3 (high probability of flooding) potentially isolating a signification portion of the site. Curtins facilitated flood modelling of the Ouse Dyke (bordering the site) which demonstrated that the flood effects of the River Trent to the site were less severe than illustrated by the Environment Agency mapping.

    We provided a Transport Assessment and Framework Travel Plan, and advised on mitigation to manage the potential traffic generated by this significant development, including maximising the use of sustainable modes of travel. During the post submission stage of the project we undertook extensive negotiation with both the county and city council and to reduce the extent of the highway contributions.

    Our input into the masterplanning of the site encouraged the use of lesser vulnerable facilities such as the playing pitches and open space within the areas considered at highest risk of flooding with more vulnerable uses such as the residential properties located where flood risk was considered low risk, therefore maximising the net developable area.