• Our Culture

    Curtins is a consultancy with a heritage. We were founded in 1960 by Bill Curtin. Though Bill is no longer with us, his values live on today.

    Our experience, skills and expertise have contributed to shaping the industry. You’ll find our name on the front cover of text books and industry publications.

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    Our independent status is important to us, and it shapes who we are and the work that we do. Our environment is democratic and everyone is both empowered and supported and has a share of the voice. People are people and not just a number, whether they are our people, our partners, or our clients.

    To us, everyone – architects, other consultants, contractors and clients – is a partner and this underpins our approach. We’re easy to get on with and, when we need it, we’ve got the all-essential sense of humour. Our people are accountable, accomplished and well grounded.

    We work to our strengths, which incorporate:

    • A strong teamwork ethic
    • A commitment to people development
    • A philosophy of continuous improvement
    • We work hard and play hard!