• Curtins Business Continuity Strategy: Covid-19

    13th May 2021

    Curtins is committed to continuing to deliver the high quality of service we are proud to be known for, throughout the current health crisis.

    We hereby outline the common practice at Curtins for ensuring business continuity, as well as the additional measures we have employed to sustain uninterrupted project delivery during the present climate. We have an established Business Continuity Team who will continue to monitor the situation and adapt our procedures as required.

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    It is standard practice at Curtins to plan our projects to ensure sufficient coverage of resource and as such, there is always more than one individual working on every project. This includes having an independent Peer Reviewer for each project who is up to date with the project progress.

    Resourcing of individual projects is done using the project programme which is continually reviewed by the Project Lead, the Project Reviewer and the Local Director. Adjustments can be made by the inclusion of additional staff within the project team, should any potential shortfall in resource against requirement be identified. This covers any planned disruption or reaction needed to cover un-planned events such as illness and sick leave.

    Using our robust project planning software, we are able to accurately predict the utilisation of individual staff members and assess who has capacity to take on additional work.

    Our national spread of 14 offices and over 350 staff all work on a single IT infrastructure and using common software. This means that we have a large resource pool that can be accessed without delay or technical interruption.

    Through regular project meetings and formal project reviews throughout the design process we can ensure that should a member of the team be indisposed, others will have a sound knowledge of the scheme, and can make informed decisions or advise in their absence.

    Further to this, our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) means that we have a consistent file structure on every project in every office, that can be accessed by all staff members. Each project will have a detailed briefing note on file, and all project related information such as drawings, reports and calculations are consistently filed in order to allow new members of the project team to access them easily.

    In these particular set of unprecedented circumstances surrounding the direct impact of Covid-19 on Curtins, we have swiftly implemented a number of measures from our Business Continuity Plan. These ensure that all contractual obligations are met with the professional and personal service our clients are used to.

    These include:

    • 100% of our staff are able to work remotely when required on a robust IT infrastructure that allows them to access all the files and software required to deliver projects remotely.
    • We operate using Microsoft Teams and Skype to enable our staff to collaborate by attending or hosting external meetings virtually.
    • We have established virtual internal Teams to facilitate frequent communication between staff delivering a project.

    In the extreme event that we are unable to deliver a project as per our contractual obligation, we will communicate these to clients immediately and help our client understand the possible consequences as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.

    As an act of caution, we are giving due consideration to a situation whereby staff numbers may reduce due to illness, or where external reasons cause us to reduce our workforce.

    We remain confident that the above measures will allow us to continue to deliver our obligations on all projects.