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Without appropriate management, accidents could happen on any construction project. People working in Health & Safety are vital to ensuring the safety of all those working on a project. They also help ensure that the clients are aware of their responsibilities and that projects are delivered without unreasonable risks. 

At Curtins, our health & safety consultants support our engineers and the wider project design team. This combines the skills, knowledge and experience that we have in both design / engineering and health and safety, in order to achieve the above.

Health & Safety

“The projects that we work on are both inspiring and varied – covering healthcare, sport and leisure, education, residential, transport and beyond, all of which provide their own unique challenges requiring individual solutions. Every day is different, and we play an integral part in ensuring that not only the design and construction stages consider health and safety, but also that this has been considered for the buildings future use once that the project has been completed.”

Pathways to becoming a Health & Safety Consultant

There are lots of options available for becoming qualified, which means you can pick the pathway that most suits your way of learning. 

Vocational training and work-based experience in the form of RQFs is one option, or you can opt for classroom-based learning and exam assessment if you prefer, or a mixture of the two!

At Curtins, our Health & Safety consultants have professional memberships with both the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and the Association for Project Safety (APS) as a minimum. Alongside this they have studied an accredited occupational safety and health qualification, hold other relevant industry qualifications and experience, and carry out continuing professional development.

In order to gain membership with IOSH and the APS, there are a number of routes to choose. These include health and safety, design, and construction related RQF level qualifications – ranging from certificates, diplomas and university degrees. Combined with experience, these will enable you to gain the relevant membership status.

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