• R.A.P.I.D Approach

    We have been involved in refurbishment projects for 60 years. Our experience of large and small, straightforward and complex projects has enabled us to develop our approach to give the best value to the client and the team.

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    Using our RAPID approach we can quickly highlight areas of uncertainty within the proposed works so costs can be adequately assessed during the feasibility stages. Our experience of similar challenges and extensive knowledge of construction materials, both historic and cutting edge, enables us to advise quickly and confidently on an appropriate solution for the client. This helps to manage the risks associated with budget assessment and pre-planning design development.

    The RAPID Ethos

    As one of the UK’s leading structural engineers with 60  years’ experience in remodelling structures we can bring a unique approach to your project through ecofurbishment and the RAPID ethos:

    • Quick and appropriate advice to ensure new opportunities are not missed
    • Valuable, feasibility-stage advice to ensure that any risk is correctly understood and costed
    • Support of planning applications through our track record and recognised calibre in this specialised area
    • Confidence that at each stage we have an answer that is positive
    • An ability to innovate no matter what we find


    We undertake a detailed appraisal of the existing structure, we review archive information about the building and when necessary we organise an intrusive investigation.


    We analyse the structure with respect to the proposed remodelling and check for loading allowances and load paths through to the foundations.


    If analysis suggests the remodelled structure does not comply with design codes due to applied loading or alternative load paths, we then agree a strategy of load testing of key structural elements. This will confirm their actual capacity as opposed to the calculated capacity.


    If a structural element does fail a load test then we again use our experience to investigate ways to strengthen the element or alter the load path to that element.


    Once a strengthening strategy has been determined, we provide co-ordinated design working in tandem with the architect and service engineer’s requirements.