• Land Reclamation

    Land reclamation includes:

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    • Remediation strategies
    • Reclamation works method statements
    • Materials management plans
    • Reclamation works contract administration
    • Reclamation works implementation
    • Remediation validation and certification
    • Post reclamation monitoring

    We have extensive experience in designing, implementing, supervising and validating site remedial works that provide clients with practical economic strategies whilst fulfilling regulatory requirements.

    These remedial works could be as simple as the provision of capping to soft landscaping or more complex measures such as vapour extraction, soil solidification/stabilisation or water filtering. The remediation strategy is developed after a remedial options appraisal which consider best available techniques and their suitability for the project and the required outcome.

    When remedial works progress to site we take care to ensure that appropriately qualified and experienced staff are used to manage the project.

    We ensure that remedial solutions are carefully engineered to take due account of the end use and the responsibilities incumbent on the developer and future owner whilst keeping relevant regulatory authorities fully informed.

    We are committed to investigating and assessing all possible remedial treatments in order to minimise the requirement for off-site disposal of materials. This typically involves the use of a materials management plan developed following the guidance of the CL:AIRE publication  The Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (CLAIRE CoP).

    We have a wealth of expertise with regard to the remediation of brownfield sites including hospitals, fuel storage and vending facilities, iron foundries, gas works, steel works, power stations, textile factories, railway works and waste tips.