Curtins expands Board to strengthen leadership team

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Curtins on 13th Dec 2021


In a year of milestones and following Curtins’ transition to become an Employee-Owned Trust, the company will be further strengthening its leadership team with several key appointments to our Board of Directors.

As an independently owned business, Curtins is known for its agility and ability to evolve to seize opportunities. The appointments, which will be formalised on 1st January 2022, will mobilise our leadership for the growth and development of the business.

Formerly comprising only civil and structural engineers, the Board will now include wider representation from Curtins’ specialisms, as well as seven new business functions.

From January 2022, our Board of Directors will include:

  • Rob Melling, Chief Executive

  • Dan Evans, Director for London, Cambridge and Geotechnical teams

  • Jon Moister, Director for Manchester and the Environmental Business teams

  • Paul Menzies, Director for Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and Dublin teams

  • Neil Parkinson, Director for Liverpool, Kendal, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Douglas and Principal Designer teams

  • Richard Osbond, Director for Leeds and Nottingham teams

  • Alex Vogt, Director for the national Transport Planning team

  • Oliver Delucia-Crook, Business Development Director

  • Phil Bruford, Finance Director

  • Helen Salt, HR Director

  • David Price, IT Director

  • Rebecca King, Learning & Development Director

  • Rhiannon Carss, Marketing & Communications Director

  • Phil Hughes, Risk & Compliance Director

Curtins expands Board to strengthen leadership team

This development comes at a time when the business is in a financially strong position, with a diverse client base and broad market spread.

Above all, Curtins has a rich pool of talent in our people, and the skills being brought by the internal appointments will enhance the dynamic and capabilities of our Board of Directors.

In broadening the business functions of our Board, further career opportunities have also been unlocked for staff across the company, which strongly resonates with our values to provide development opportunities to all.

Rob Melling, Chief Executive comments, “This is a hugely exciting and positive step for our business, our people and the clients we serve. We’re seeing an increasing number of opportunities across our sectors, so we feel the time is right to mobilise for further growth in the business.

“We also recognise that there will continue to be external challenges for us, such as the post-Brexit economy, climate change and skills shortages, to name a few. The composition of our leadership will enable us to navigate through these challenges, whilst seizing opportunities.

“The time is right for the next stage of Curtins’ evolution.”

Through the development, Curtins hopes to continue to grow the business in a controlled and organic way, whilst offering more for our clients through the enhanced ability to help them achieve their objectives.

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