Our Specialist Service 

Ecofurbishment is our economical remodelling and retrofitting of existing buildings using intelligent structural engineering techniques. 

Our Ecofurbishment service harnesses the power of the circular economy to design out the concept of ‘end of life’ for structures, by ensuring that through sustainable engineering approaches they can be reused or repurposed in a continuous loop.

Our Approach

Our Approach

With over 60 years of involvement in refurbishment and retrofit projects, we have honed our approach to deliver exceptional value to clients and teams. 

Our approach swiftly identifies uncertainties in proposed works, ensuring accurate cost assessment during the feasibility stage. Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of construction materials, we provide prompt and confident advice for finding suitable solutions. This mitigates risks associated with budget assessment and pre-planning design development.

Our Ethos

As leading structural engineers with expertise in remodelling structures, we bring a unique perspective to your project, emphasising Ecofurbishment ethos:

  • Quick and precise advice to seize new opportunities.

  • Valuable feasibility-stage guidance for understanding and cost-estimating risks.

  • Strong support for planning applications, leveraging our esteemed track record.

  • Assurance that we always have positive solutions at every stage.

  • A commitment to innovation, regardless of the challenges we encounter.

Our Process


We conduct a meticulous appraisal of the existing structure, reviewing archival data and organising intrusive investigations when necessary.

Analyse: We thoroughly analyse the structure in relation to the proposed remodelling, assessing loading allowances and load paths down to the foundations.


If analysis reveals non-compliance with design codes due to loading or alternative load paths, we strategize load testing on key structural elements to confirm their actual capacity.


If a structural element fails a load test, our experienced team investigates methods to strengthen or alter the load path for that element.


Once a strengthening strategy is determined, we deliver coordinated design solutions in collaboration with architects and service engineers.

At Curtins, we apply our expertise to ensure successful remodelling projects with a focus on efficiency, innovation, and optimal outcomes.


Our Ecofurbishment Projects

Healthcare Relocation Cardiff University
Higher Education

The retrofitting of this existing building has seen Cardiff University’s School of Healthcare Sciences located to a single site for the first time since its inception.

Cardiff University Healthcare Relocation

Bartlett School of Architecture
Higher Education

Extensive retrofit to deliver a more sustainable and improved building for University College London.

Bartlett School of Architecture

Windmill Green Manchester

Also known as 24 Mount Street, this BREEAM Outstanding office building boasts rooftop terraces and up to 13,000sq ft of workplace suites.

Windmill Green (24 Mount Street), Manchester

Wilmcote House (EnerPHit)

The three 11-storey residential blocks provide 107 affordable homes for Portsmouth City Council.

Wilmcote House (EnerPHit)

Aztec West 1000, Bristol
Mixed Use Regeneration

An eco office created in a refurbished 1980's steel framed building in Aztec West Business Park.

Aztec West 1000, Bristol

India Buildings

The project comprised the refurbishment of one of Liverpool’s most famous buildings to provide a major new hub for HMRC.

India Buildings

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Our Values

Being Human

We value people as people. We believe in fostering meaningful human connections that speak to the hearts and minds of our stakeholders, to build strong powerful relationships and communities that thrive and flourish.


We say what we mean and mean what we say. Integrity lies at the heart of everything we do. It is the constant in the choices we make which builds trust, honesty, fairness, and respect for our colleagues and our clients alike.


Impact demonstrates the immeasurable power of our shared values and collective effort to effect positive, ground-breaking change and deliver excellence for our customers, colleagues, and the communities we serve.


We foster a culture of curiosity to help us constantly improve our work, inspire others to do better and think bigger, and to never stop learning.

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