Curtins pledges to help the smash the ‘class ceiling’

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Curtins on 20th Feb 2019


The first major grassroots study in Britain showed that many workers believe that where they come from holds them back and that their industry is dominated by class divide; and only one in eight children from low-income backgrounds are likely to progress to become a high-earner as an adult. These are alarming findings.

Our founder believed in creating opportunities for everyone, especially young people, and his belief still resonates with us today. That is why we’re delighted to have signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge. Through the work with our STEM Ambassadors and Teacher Placements, and our programme of work experience and apprenticeships, we are already endeavouring accelerate the rate of change.

The Pledge is a commitment for us to follow these three straightforward but powerful steps:


We will build on our partnerships with schools and colleges to provide coaching through quality careers advice, enrichment experience and/or mentoring to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.


We will continue to provide structured work experience and apprenticeship opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.


We will ensure our employee recruitment practices are open and remain a level playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.

We look forward to the working with the Social Mobility Pledge to create equal opportunity for all.

Curtins pledges to help the smash the ‘class ceiling’

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