International Mentoring Day

Rebecca King
Rebecca King on 27th Oct 2023


The world and our industry are constantly changing, and we are working at an accelerated pace. This means that to keep with the rate of change, we need a willingness to learn and collaborate with others.

Mentoring is a crucial part of personal and professional development, enabling individuals to grow and accomplish defined goals. The benefits of mentoring are not just limited to the individual. As well as personal success, career advancement and job satisfaction, mentoring can boost a business’ culture of learning, engagement, and knowledge sharing.

Today, on International Mentoring Day, I would like to highlight the good work of all those who act as a mentor. At Curtins that includes those involved in our Reverse Mentoring programme, as well as the many people who take the time to mentor their colleagues through different stages of their career. It also includes those who support others outside of the business; be they students engaging with STEM outreach, mentoring networks or informal support to friends and family.

The transformational form of these mentoring relationships creates lasting impact for individuals and the wider industry, inspiring others to not only unlock but fulfil their potential.

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