Ancient Fish Scales Unearthed!

Sam Grainger
Sam Grainger on 25th Jul 2023


I am thrilled to share a fascinating discovery made by our team at Curtins! During tape lifts of a core sample, we stumbled upon an incredible treasure: Triassic fish scales that are an eye-watering 252 MILLION years old!

Every day is an adventure as a geologist, but this breakthrough is truly exceptional! This discovery takes us back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and the world looked remarkably different.  The Triassic period was a pivotal moment in the Earth's history, marking the first appearance of many modern plants and animals, and it's mesmerising to glimpse into this prehistoric world through these ancient fish scales.

These perfectly preserved scales are not only beautiful, but they also hold vital clues about Earth's ancient ecosystems.

By studying their shape, size, and texture, we can unlock intricate details about how these remarkable creatures interacted with their environment and fellow marine species.

Imagine, if you will, swimming alongside colossal ichthyosaurs and witnessing the rise of the first marine reptiles! These scales provide a unique window into this evolutionary story, filling gaps in our understanding and sparking new questions that will drive our research forward.

But what exactly are tape lifts, you ask? Simply put, tape lifts involve carefully extracting tiny samples from core drillings. This non-invasive technique allows us to preserve the integrity of delicate specimens while uncovering hidden treasures like these ancient fish scales buried deep within our planet.

This discovery reminds us of the incredible wonders beneath our feet, waiting to be revealed. It underscores in unravelling Earth's rich history.

I want to thank our dedicated geologists at Curtins for their incredible efforts in unearthing this incredible find. It is a testament to their spirit of curiosity and passion for the Earth sciences.

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