• Materials Management Planning

    Q: Are you developing a site and want to comply with Environment Agency regulations for excavated ground materials?

    A: Yes – then you really need a Materials Management Plan.

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    A materials management plan is the core mechanism allowing a developer to avoid the need for either an Environment Agency environmental permit or an exemption from the waste management licensing regulations and the inherent delays associated with the applications for either of these.

    By using a materials management plan as defined in the CL:Aire Development Industry Code of Practice it is possible to reuse both natural soils and made-ground (contaminated or otherwise).

    To fully comply with the requirements of the Environment Agency the materials management plan has to be assessed by an independent individual who is registered with CL:Aire as a ‘qualified person’

    Our specialist environmental team include three qualified persons. We are able to act as either the developer’s author of the materials management plan or as the independent assessor.

    Using this service our clients,  in particular contractor clients, are able to offer value engineering based on managed reuse of site soils.  For example, on one of our projects the contractor was able to share a saving with the client of around £1m.

    There are also environmental benefits with this approach by reducing use of natural materials and reducing traffic movements, benefitting both local neighbours and carbon footprint.

    For more information regarding materials management plans contact Phil Winterburn – phil.winterburn@curtins.com