• Temple Farm, Chelmsford

    Client: Private Company
    Services: Highways

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    Curtins were employed by a Private Client to
    undertake the highway design for the diversion
    of the B1007. These works entailed the provision
    of a new roundabout and cyclepath extension to
    connect to the local footpath network.

    Curtins worked closely with the local authority
    and challenged their standards where practical
    to ensure value for money was achieved without
    sacrificing the performance of the highway.

    During initial site investigations, it was confirmed
    that a short length of the proposed highway
    alignment coincided with an old drainage ditch.

    Curtins promoted the use of geogrids to reduce
    build-up depths within the subsequent poor local
    ground conditions.

    The diversion route was provided to optimise the
    connectivity of the clients new residential and
    commercial development (some 8m higher than
    the previous highway) as well as the existing
    tree root protection zones and local ecological