• VLA Mills Building

    Client: Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    Architect: Architon LLP
    Completion: 2008

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    The new two storey ASU headquarters office at VLA Weybridge was constructed in the shape of a barn to replicate old, poor condition buildings with this wood frame, sustainable construction having over 2,120m² floor area.

    The superstructure comprises of the Kingspan TEK building system which comprises of structurally insulated panels. The wall and roof panels are constructed from two 15mm thick orientated stand boards (OSB) facings with a 110mm thick zero ozone depletion potential rigid urethane insulation core.

    The upper floor slabs comprise of TJI joists with OSB boards screw fixed to the top of the joists providing diaphragm action. The wall panels act as load-bearing walls supporting the floor slabs and as shear walls providing lateral stability to the overall structure, steel stability frames may be required around openings in the external walls.

    The roof panels span between glullam beams and timber roof trusses, the glullam beams and roof trusses spanning between the TEK walls.

    The building has achieved the highest BREEAM score for a government office building.