• Yang Sing Oriental Hotel, Manchester

    Client: Yang Sing Oriental Hotel
    Value: £4m
    Architect: Makin Architecture
    Completion: October 2008
    Services: Civil & Structural

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    This building is a Grade II listed “Manchester” warehouse, with cast iron internal columns, timber beams and masonry external walls. The building had been left vacant for a number of years and extensive repair works were required to prevent further deterioration (to remove dry and wet rot, leaking roof, leaning parapet brickwork etc.), before plans to convert into hotel were developed.

    Structural conversion works included removing the original central staircase and lift; constructing a new lift and stair-core, repair and strengthening works to timber floor beams; adaption and strengthening works to roof trusses to allow formation of mezzanine floor to top floor suites; formation of new plant room at roof level; repair of cast iron column, and enhancing stability of external masonry walls.