My Week at Curtins: Aaron Goodall

This week of work experience at Curtins has really opened my eyes to the working environment and the work that structural engineering involves and the opportunities that come with the work. From the 5 days I spent here, I have learnt many things to do with civil engineering have and the work that is put in, along with all the health and safety factors which are vital to the job.

I am very glad I chose Curtins as my work experience placement as engineering is a profession that I would potentially like to get into, and I think that this company is very suited to helping me with that. Due to its kind and extremely hard-working staff, I felt comfortable within the environment in which I was working, and this enabled me to focus on the tasks at hand. If I was ever stuck, my mentors for the week would answer any of my questions willingly and were patient whenever I made mistakes on applications that were new to me, such as CAD. I think that Curtins is a very good company to work for as it is always trying to find skillful young people to employ, strives for excellent customer service and produces work of a very high standard. The company itself is very well established within its field.

The first day I came in I was greeted by Curtins Learning & Development Manager, Rebecca King, who delivered a short presentation about the business and health & safety. After this I was shown around the office until we arrived at the second floor where I was introduced to Ciaran Allen, who would go on to be my mentor for the week. He was very helpful throughout my time here and I’m very glad to have had him. He taught me many things such as how to calculate loads, bending moments and shear moments on beams and columns. He also taught me how to use TEKLA (a piece of software used by structural engineers to create structures) so I could produce my own structure, and see the shear and bending moments.

As well as this, I was brought along to a project meeting – the topic of which was Curtins’ Strand Project. I learnt a lot from this meeting as I’ve never been to one before. I was also given advice from Sophie Foulkes (Technician) about her role in the job and I was shown  me how to use Revit. Following this, I sat with apprentice Owen Smith and looked at how to use AutoCAD to make a wall joist.

From this week of work experience, I feel as though I have gained a lot and will carry with me this knowledge to help me when applying for jobs in the future. It has definitely influenced my decision in what I want to do in later life and I would like to thank Curtins and the team in Liverpool for the opportunity!