National Mentoring Day

As today is National Mentoring Day, I wanted to reflect on the successes of our Reverse Mentoring 2022 cohort.

There has been so much activity since we started this journey remotely at the start of this year with our programme attendees meeting in the main via Teams, however, not being physically together hasn’t deterred the great progress that each pairing has made throughout the programme journey.

In September, we brought the whole group together to the Liverpool office for a full day workshop where we discussed experiences, new ideas and innovations as well as reflecting on progress to date.

Areas and topics that were highlighted with project work now in progress included:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Career Development
  • Digital Delivery and how we work
  • Environmental Design

We are now getting ready to close out the programme with each pair wrapping up on their mentor arrangement, but the group will continue to work on some initiatives that will help to ensure continual improvement throughout the business.

As programme lead, there have been many successes and great partnerships that have been created through this programme and the power of mentoring really does allow for boundaries to be pushed, ideas challenged and opportunities for professional and personal development to be found by gaining access to new and diverse knowledge and opinions.

Happy National Mentoring Day! Take the opportunity to find a mentor or support someone who could benefit from your knowledge, experience and skills.